Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

Here are Lisa's Awfully Grand/Awfully Lame thoughts for this week!

  • Justified! Timothy Olyphant you have an open invitation. Yeah, that's right.
  • Everything old is new. My new favorite foul weather accessory returns. I sported these at 13 and now again at 35. Grand!

  • New Glasses! I found these at See after searching high and low for flattering cat eyes.

  • Loving that the Bean is in a hugging phase. They are infinite and oh so excellent!

  • Taxes. Yes, I'm there already.
  • Sherman the wundermutt stepping in his own poo and tracking it all over the kitchen. Still he's so cute!

  • Hearing from SFSU students that the budget is so tight and core classes are offered so seldom that it is taking 5-6 years to graduate.
  • The person that waits until the last minute to enter the movie theater and thinks nothing of it to walk around and ask everyone if there are empty seats. Some of us like to watch to previews.
What is rockin' your week or what has put a bee in your bonnet??

I just want to say Timothy Olyphant AGAIN. Ya know, for his fine acting skills.



  1. I would like to add MUNI to the Awfully Lame list this week. WHY WHY WHY must you always break down in the tunnel between Church & Van Ness, so I can't text anyone at my office that I'm going to be late??

    Awfully Grand this week is being your friend, Lisa. For the reals....I heart you. Can we dance around to Rumpshaker now?

  2. Awfully lame this week are a sick toddler and husband on business. Awafully grand is help from my parents and a tiddler who says "mama beautiful, mama amazing"

  3. MUNI. Poo. Awwww Sarah, you rock! So rockin the rumpshake!

    @Gina. Sigh. I hear that! Mama is beautiful. Mama is amazing. Heart you!