Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

I love talking about things that I like as much as I like talking about things that annoy me, so Lisa and I created the Awfully Grand/Awfully Lame posts on Thursdays. I encourage you to write you own in our comments - let it out - it feels SO good!

Things that have been Awfully Grand the past week:

  • sleeping in my own bed after visiting family
  • the sunset the past few days has been super colorful
  • discovered a new Pandora station that I adore - Roisin Murphy
  • I am kicking ass in Angry Birds!
  • the Sf weather. Awesome sauce!
  • this photo of a Parks & Rec reference chalkboard drawing at Whole Foods. I just love when people have fun at work! Aziz Ansari via Twitter
  • new custom wedding orders. I just love making ZRDG Pocket Squares for that special day.

The Awfully Lame list includes:

  • family drama
  • over crowding on Muni & dudes who don't give up their seats for the elderly population
  • settling into the day job once again when I'd rather be doing photography every day all day
  • feeling there is never enough time in the day
  • people who blow through stop signs. BOO. It takes two seconds to stop. Seriously folks.
  • forgetting to bring more TP into the bathroom. Super duper awfully lame.


  1. Awfully lame - learning about really good and reasonable high expectations only after failing to meet them.