Monday, January 9, 2012

Mario Batali Inspired Me!

I've been on a bunch of airplanes the past week or so and I always love to flip through the magazines that are in the seat pocket in front of me. I love SkyMall! Oh, the crap that you can buy! I was on a Southwest Airlines flight, so I flipped through Spirit. I'm trying to find inspiration just about everywhere this year, so I was stoked when I found a quote by Mario Batali that moved me. Yes, I ripped out the magazine page and put it in my pocket. So uncouth! I know, I know!

Who is Mario Batali? The chef guy that wears the orange crocs - see above. 

Here is the best advice he ever received:

"Pay attention to the truth. Not just the intellectual truth, but the gut honest truth you know about yourself - and the intense, passionate, thoughtful truth that manifests itself in everything you say, but more importantly, everything you do. There is a song and a poem inside every single being and nourishing it, expressing it, and remaining honest to it is often difficult or unpopular. Seek experience that helps you clarify and enjoy that truth. Most importantly, heed your passionate truth and its call. Rarely do people regret the things they do as much as the things they did not do." 

His comment about the 'truth' is really interesting to me because from time to time I find it extremely difficult to quiet the other voices (self-doubt, imposter syndrome or my high school teacher telling me that artists end up starving & poor) to find the truth of your purpose. I'm really lucky - I think that I found my truth and that truth is that I have to be a photographer. Every single day I try to heed the passionate truth and follow my heart (see, the quote above is pretty cool).

Does this quote resonate with you? If so, why?

You can also say that you refuse to be inspired by anyone who wears orange crocs??


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