Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday - What Is Your Favorite Photo of Yourself?

This week I challenged Lisa to find her most favorite photo of herself and send it to me for our Photo Friday post. I kind of struggled with it as well to be honest. Do I pick an old photo or one that currently shows how I'm rocking a pseduo-pompadour?

The photo that Lisa sent to me took my breath away. It was taken a week before her daughter, the Bean, was born. She's got that pregnancy glow and the look on her face reminds me of how one looks before opening a present. Gorgeous!

The photo I chose was taken earlier this month on MLK Jr. Day. I was sitting in a bar mid-day with my friend Diana and her roommates. I'm probably deciding what to order!? I like this photo because it is what I look like today and I was with good friends and taking photos the majority of that day. My idea of a perfect day - not at my day job, taking photos and hanging with good friends. Oh yeah, add a glass of chilled white wine to that and it would be my most most perfect day. What is your favorite photo of yourself? Post it on our Facebook wall - here.

Taken by Diana Rothery. 
Have a great weekend!

Sarah & Lisa

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