Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Fridays!

Today is Friday - thank goodness! How was your first full week of 2012? It was a whirlwind for me as I try to settle back into the day job and book new photography clients for the month of January. Poor Lisa has been dealing with her daughter teething - ouch!

No rules or expectations for photo Fridays - we just post stuff that we love and/or think is cool.

I think that the jam of the day is going to be "Come Go With Me" by Expose, yes?!

Taken at Target at 8am, I was desperately trying to distract the Bean from her aching teeth. Mission accomplished! For the time being at least. -photo by Lisa

I always ask the universe for signs. This string of sequins was on the ground this morning on my way to work. I took it to be a sign that I am indeed in the right place (SF) at the right time (2012 is going to be my year - just watch) - photo by Sarah

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