Monday, January 30, 2012

San Francisco Coffee Shop Love

Living in San Francisco we spend a lot of time in coffee shops for meetings, studying, journal writing, dates, friend meets ups, and to eat pie or other sweets. I was saddened to learn that one of my favorite spots on Valenica, Summit, is closing later this month. I've lived in many neighborhoods in the city and I have my list of favorite coffee shops - which are yours?
  • Philz Coffee on 18th Street in the Castro. Serious yum! Their iced coffee with mint is delicious. I meet up with friends here all of the time. 
  • Bean Bag Cafe on Divisidero & Hayes. I worked for hours and hours in this coffee shop when I was getting my masters degree. Great windows that you can people watch through - that was always my favorite spot. 
  • Ritual Coffee Roasters has amazing french press, but good luck getting a seat and I'm always kind of stunned how everyone there has a Mac and isn't really talking to anyone else. Lame!
Where are your favorite coffee spots in SF? Here are some more photos that I took at Summit this weekend during our first Success Squad meeting. Love everyone's journals and pens - we were ready to work!

Boo boo boo that Summit is closing. The light in the front of the coffee shop is to die for!


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