Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I Wore 1/11/2012

It is not too common for me to bust out the 'ol fancy duds and strut my stuff these days. With the Bean, I'm usually sporting jeans, jeans and then there's jeans, Dansko clogs...(can you say glamor?) and a boyfriend sweater. At least I'm sans the nursing bra these days. That being said, when I do have the opportunity to enjoy fanciful fashion, I really like to put something together that I feel totally faboo in!

Wednesday morning I had the unbelievable pleasure of visiting Stitch Labs headquarters in downtown San Francisco to interview the Stitch Team for my IndieMade blog. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to pull it together and look my best. Here's what I wore (And I should add that it was totally mommy friendly. Mom's I know you get what that means).

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

What did you wear this week that swept you away?

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  1. Layers were the key for me. Phew, it was cold in the am, hot by lunch time and then cool by the time I left the day job. Didn't wear a dress/skirt once. Guess I really wasn't feeling it. Maybe next week?

    1. The weather, right? I've really been enjoying silks for just that reason. I stayed away from them for a long time, but these lightweight dresses from Madewell totally do the trick. I was glad to be sleeveless and light under the coat because by 12 I was sweatin!