Monday, January 2, 2012

Wishing You an Awfully Grand 2012

Well it certainly seems like a HAPPY NEW YEAR is in order! Whatever silver lining or little black cloud followed us in 2011, it's time to move on and greet 2012 with open arms. This year Sarah & I are dedicated to kickin' ass and taking names. Just think of us as your friendly neighborhood girls with gusto, hot mamas on a mission, and creative can-doers. We are ready for a year filled with Awfully Grand adventures and are so very excited to share it all with you!

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

The above quote is from none other than my most favorite nerd crush, Ira Glass, from This American Life. He's right, it does take a while, it should take a while and you do just have to fight your way through it, and that's what we are set to do! So let's get this party started right, let's get this party started quickly! (In case you missed it that was our very first 90's hip hop dance reference. Know it? Comment below for bragging rights). We have dedicated the year to growing our businesses, expanding our minds and diving into doing what we love for a living. What are your Awfully Grand plans, dreams and schemes for 2012?


Lisa & Sarah


  1. Great blog, although, I did misread it as Grande! and I am thinking a little C & C music factory? Best of luck to both of you in 2012!

  2. You ladies are awesome! I can't wait to follow the adventure.

  3. Thanks Gina! Of course you nailed the 90's dance reference!! You earned bragging rights! And you can go ahead and read it as Awfully Grande ;)

  4. Thanks lovely ladies of Lightbox! Can't wait to put our heads together for some uber creative brainstorming!!