Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

Drum roll are our Awfully Grand/Awfully Lame posts this week.

  • Let's hear it for fantastic food! Nopa, Nopalito, and Mariposa Bakery I'm calling you out!
  • Brunch with Sarah! It's crazy how many ideas we generate face to face. Love it!
  • Birthdays. The February birthdays keep going strong! So many lovely ladies celebrating this month. Ashley, Kristina, Laine, Mom, & Gina, February is fierce.
  • Being reintroduced to a book I loved as a kid. Anyone else remember Leo the Late Bloomer?
  • New York Fashion Week. Need I say more?

  • Saying I was going to bump up my cardio this weekend and here it is already Wednesday.
  • Everything about the Grammy's except Adele.
  • Watching the following happen for the hundredth time:
  1. A house dating back to the 1890's is purchased by a jerk.
  2. This house is then leveled to the ground.
  3. A house three times it's size is built that resembles a cinder block, or a Flying J Rest Stop, whichever one you find more offensive.
  4. The new house casts an enormous shadow on the old and original houses on either side.
  5. No one is outraged. Yeah, well I think it sucks.
What do you have to rant/celebrate this week?




  1. Awfully Grand is Lisa & I both wearing blue shoes to our fancy ladies brunch on Sunday.

    Awfully Lame is doubting yourself.


  2. Awfully lame-
    *spending 3 days in the hospital due to early contractions.
    *modified bed rest with a toddler

    Awfully grand
    *coming home and sleeping
    *a certain little boy turns two on friday
    *I'm all about Leo the Late Bloomer arriving in the mail yesterday

  3. @Sarah, Awfully grand indeed! What's up with the shoe twinsies? @G, hang in there girl, you are stronger than you know, this I know as true! Leo the Late Bloomer, South Huntington Public Library!