Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

Here's what has us cheering and jeering this week...

  • Super Tuesday! Here's to finishing up an interview for IndieMade just in time to catch Sarah during a photo shoot. Union Square was buzzing with Awfully Grandiosity yesterday.
  • Photography. Taking over 600 product photos this weekend for Zelma Rose.
  • Success Squad. Our second meeting was full of inspiration. I can't wait for next month!
  • Dr. Schols gel inserts. I'm gellin like a felon.
  • SF Made pop-up shop at the Banana Republic Flagship store. Have you been yet?

  • Saying I was going to bump up my cardio last week and it's already this week.
  • Wearing really high heels for the first time in forever. Ouch!
  • Again with the dopes running stop signs!! I'm so sick of seeing this. Don't worry jerks, you will survive being five minutes late for pilates. Give me a break.
What do you have to rant/celebrate this week?




  1. This is a great list, Lisa.

    Awfully Grand - new opportunities, nervousness & good friends.

    Awfully Lame - unhappy clients, being stuck in my office when the weather outside is ridiculously beautiful & laundry, ugh, I have to do laundry!

    1. So glad to see nervous under the grand! Nervous is good. Nervous is normal. Without it we would all be sociopaths, and that doesn't make for a very productive society!

  2. Awfully grand - all is well with the little guy in my belly

    Awfully lame - this could take a bit....modified bed rest, feverish toddlers, coughing mamas and a husband with second degree burns on his hand. It's been kind of a lame week here.

    1. Augh, awfully lame for sure. Hang in there hun, the grand part is on it's way very soon :)