Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Inspiration Outside of Your Specialty

When I first decided I wanted to be a professional photographer I used to spend hours and hours on websites looking at other people's work. It made me super excited to look at their beautiful photography, but more often that not I ended up feeling really shitty about my own stuff. Constantly comparing myself to others made that I wasn't fully present in my own process. Everything became about the things I didn't have and I'd be so much better if I was just shooting with that camera or had that lens or that big fat professional lighting set up and on and on and on. 

One of the best things I did for myself as an artist was to control the amount of images I take in from other photographers. I subscribe to a few awesome blogs and I look at their curated photography posts. I don't spend hours and hours on other people's sites anymore. I'm still developing a style of my own and I have to stay true to how that's progressing and shoot things that I love! 

Looking outside of my speciality for inspiration has been so rewarding. The spot I go to the most is fashion and fashion bloggers! I love fashion so much and the best daily email I get every day is from Fashion Gone Rogue. They pull together the best in advertising campaigns, runway shows, fashion shoots with celebrities and the introduce the world to the new fresh face models out there. I was blown away this week when I saw a post about the Jean Paul Gaultier runway show. Click here to see the entire thing. OMG - how amazing is it that he paid homage to Amy Winehouse with the make up and beehives! This guy is not afraid of color and or patterns and I dig that. Which one is your favorite? I gasped when I saw the girl in the green dress. I seriously stood up from my desk and yelled, "Hell yes!" That's how much I like fashion. I yell about private.

Where do you look to find inspiration? 


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