Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post - Fashion Blogger, The Wonder Girl

Since this month we are focusing on fashion - I decided to meet up with one of my new favorite fashion bloggers in San Francisco, Tara, for a little photoshoot in Duboce Park. Tara is the owner of The Wonder Girl a really fun blog featuring her best outfits and things that she adores. I marveled at her necklace layering techniques and I adore her unique fashion sensibility. She was a trooper and did a complete outfit change for me - which was no small feat because we were in fact, in a public park on a sunny Saturday afternoon! One of the reasons I really wanted to work with Tara is that she is one of the few fashion bloggers that consistently smiles in her photos. Fashion is fun, right? 

We shot these pics in Duboce Park and since Tara doesn't do any post-processing on her pics I thought I'd show her how fun it can be! I processed these photos with various One Willow Presets - bumped up the colors big time. Tara is a colorful and vibrant girl - her photos should be too! 

 What she's wearing outfit one:

Dress: H&M
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Jewelry: Banana Republic & personal collection (long purple ring was her Nana's)

She answered a few questions for me as well:

1. Name & Blog   Tara McNulty  The Wonder Girl   www.thewondergirl.com

2. How long have you been posting on your blog?   1.5 years

3. Any tips for new fashion bloggers you'd like to share? keep at it! it feels like hard work sometimes, but if you really love it and believe in it, keep it up. and be yourself. there are a lot of blogs out there these days and i strongly feel that 

4. Best thing about being a fashion blogger? for me it's a creative outlet! i love using my blog as my little online fashion scrapbook. having the blog also pushes me outside of my comfort zone in terms of fashion, which has been fun. i've also met some great friends through blogging. 

5. Hardest thing about being a fashion blogger? finding the time to dedicate to it! i have a demanding full-time job so i do struggle to find the time to devote to it - its time consuming to make really good, quality content. but of course, i think it's worth it :-)

Outfit two:

Fur Stole: Vintage
Sweater: JCrew cardigan
Dress: Slips
Gold Watch & Clutch: Marc Jacobs
Bracelets: Bauble Bar, JCrew, Chan Luu, Banana Republic
Shoes: She's had them forever

Thank you, Tara! You are one of the most photogenic women I've ever met. Let's work together again soon. Keep up the fashion blogging - we enjoy it a great deal. 


All photos by yours truly. 


  1. Awesome! Love the pics. Love you Wonder Girl!

  2. Wonderful jewelry outfits. I love the necklaces. Your winter dress are looking amazing and cute. I think everybody should prefer your referring jewelry and sweater from here.