Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Know that It's Somebody's Birthday Tonight Somewhere

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate the Bear and I stepped out for a night on the town. I'm not one for a huge birthday bash, but I am known to celebrate with close friends for the stretch of the entire month. Last night was just the beginning of a week filled with lunches, brunches, spa dates and fun. The plan for last night, dinner at Nopa!

My first stop of the day was a visit to see friend, fellow Success Squad member, and make-up artist extraordinaire Lou over at Sephora. It has been a long time, okay, like two years since I had really worn make-up and I was in need of a refresher course. Lou rocked, of course, and set me up for the night with a plan for a fool proof cat eye and killer red lips. So much fun! Thanks Lou.

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

My next mission, and I admit, this was dangerous, was to see if I could get back into my favorite dress. It has been staring at me from the closet all week, looking impossibly tiny and resembling a much more fit and fancy version of myself.

Taking the dress out of the closet felt like there might be the potential for a shoot out at the old corral. I think the Bear was even sweating over this one. I'm happy to say that both parties, my bod and the dress cooperated and peace reigned!

What to say about Nopa?! I'm still thinking about just how perfect dinner was. Salad with kale, butternut squash, ham and poached egg, followed by the most incredible burger with bacon and fries. Holy goodness! Is it too soon to go back tonight?

Last night was indeed a great kickoff to my 36th year! Thanks Bear, thanks Bean. I can't wait to discover what other delights await.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! I do wish one of this spa dates was with me! Miss you tons!