Monday, February 13, 2012

I Wear the Pants

My obsession with Men's fashion began at 13. For those of you who don't know, I'm tall. Really tall, like nearly 5'11" tall. By age 13, I was already 5'9" and it's safe to say my memory is accurate as me being the tallest girl or boy in the 7th grade. Back then, jeans did not come in lengths. If you were tall, you either wore fashionable jeans that were too short, or special ordered pants, or I guess you could call them jeans, from a tall and long ladies catalogue. Let's just say being tall was enough. I did not want to add wearing women's business polyester pants suits to the mix, not at 13.

After giving up and being called Floody Mc Flood Flood more times than I can remember, my mom took me shopping to find a properly fitting pair of pants. While shopping at A & S (you old school New Yorkers will remember Abraham & Strauss) a helpful sales person suggested that I try a pair of Men's jeans. This did not sit too well with the 13 year old me. I had enough trouble, kids would surely make fun of me for wearing Men's pants, right? Well it turns out, Levis for Men were no different than they were for Women. My mom kindly removed the size tag from the back...I could keep my 29 x 35 to myself. No one was the wiser and I was no longer called Floody. This was quickly replaced by nicknames pointing out my other inadequacies. Thank you classmates.

My love affair with Men's fashion had begun.

More recently, and as time passed, I came to love the structure and detail of Men's clothing. A brightly colored button hole, the stiffness of a perfect shirt collar. The mix of pattern and texture.

My own wardrobe continues to be a mix of Men's and Women's clothing. While I have put the Men's jeans to rest, most shops now carry long and extra long, I do wear a lot of Men's dress shirts and I love to combine the super feminine with the finely tailored masculine. I have been searching for some of my current favorite Men's fashion inspired pieces for women. I will be posting them throughout the week on the Awfully Grand Facebook Page.

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

What are your favorite pieces for he & she?



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  1. Oh the trouble to find pants that fit. Shorty over here can't get them short enough. Even petites are too long.