Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lisa's Style Icon

I had to think long and hard about this one. Surprising, I know. I have a hard time with fantasy these days, as I guess tends to happen when we are short on time and the day is so jam packed with reality that a moment spent on fantasy is hard to find. Plus, my reality, truth be told is pretty damn sweet. So who's style do I fantasize about?

Last week music was on my mind. I was really looking forward to Adele's preformance on the Grammy's, not so much because I wanted to actually watch the Grammy's but because I have been rooting for the girl. I imagine it was very frightening for her to need vocal cord surgery at such a young age and at such a fertile time in her career. I was hoping she would knock it out of the park. Well, duh, it's Adele, of course she did. I think she pretty much destroys everything in her path. Not only did she sound beautiful, but she looked amazing! Holy retro fashion diva amazing!

In a sea of young women desperately trying to remind us that they have breasts and a vagina, Adele looked like a sophisticated, classic beauty. I was truly inspired by her long sequined gown and was reminded of how last year at an NPR event, she sang at a bookstore wearing little white gloves. Love it!

And then there was Vogue March 2012. Have you seen this?

Amidst rumors of exactly how much they airbrushed this or Photoshopped that, who cares. You can't change the fact that Adele is a beauty with an earth shattering gift of a voice and a style worthy of iconography.

Here's to you Adele. I'll keep dreaming that one day I wake up with that voice.

Who's your favorite most fashionable lady or gent?



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