Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday. New York City. Skyscrapers & Everything

When it came time to decide a theme for Photo Friday this week, the idea of favorite places came to mind. Naturally, one of my all time loves is New York City. You can take the girl out of the big apple, but you...and so on. Sarah quickly agreed and we both had a hard time selecting just a few pictures from one of our all time favorite cities.

In an effort to narrow it down, I decided to go with sentimental. My most cherished and fondly thought of landmarks for reasons of beauty, love and teenage kisses. I have love in my heart for you New York!

The New York Public Library Lions always get petted when I pass by. It's tradition.

Yankee Stadium. My church. Seriously.
The Chrysler Building. Teenage kisses. Blushing.
My Grammy's House. Roosevelt Island. A lovely little place.

Now here's a few photos from my (Sarah's) trip in 2010 year to NYC. I went to New York to do a pin up girl photoshoot for my birthday with the lovely Sophie of Shameless Photography. It was a most excellent trip full of good food, shopping and tons of photos!

Outside of The Stonewall Inn. Gay liberation anyone? 
City street. 
So many bridges!
You have any fun memories of NYC to share?

Lisa & Sarah

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  1. "I swear there was a coconuts here˝ lisa I don't think we ever found the same place twice in NYC. So much fun!