Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Addiction Coming to a Screeching Halt

I'm sure I'm not the only creative professional that is head over heels in love with Pinterest. And I will admit that when a friend invited me I simply clicked yes to every single thing I had to so that I could start pinning. So, have you been reading the news about Pinterest violating copyright laws?

I remember when I installed the Pin It button on my toolbar and went nutso on my favorite design blogs that in the back of my mind I wondered about copyright. All of the news lately people like Direct Match Media and Tech Flash are bringing Pinterest's ridiculous copyright laws to light. What will you do about it?

I debated installing the Pin It button to my blog post, so that I could help Pinterest lovers get my images out there into the world, but then decided against it. Sites like Etsy have integrated the Pin It button to every single one of their seller's items. Whoa, right? I have uploaded a poop ton of my own photos to Pinterest and they get repinned from time to time which is great, but that's not why I use the site. I use it because it is a dynamic place to make stunning visual inspirational boards. But it makes me upset to think that they have ownership of these images and they can do whatever they will with them.

Why do you think this is just now coming to light? Backlash because of its popularity? Let us know your thoughts and if you'll stop using the site.

Makes me sad to think that I might have to break up with Pinterest because of their shitty copyright laws. Check out this fabulous post on how to use Pinterest to market your business on The Academy's blog.


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