Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sarah's Style Icons

Salma Hayek - boobs for days! 
I am a lover of glamour, beauty and the fashion forward. I was elated to write this post and I found it super difficult to narrow down my favorites. I delight every single time there's an award show because that means I get to woon over gowns, gowns, darling, gowns! If I was a Hollywood star I would wear designer gowns to the grocery store, to the gym, to eat lunch at The Ivy, to get the mail and to walk my damn dog. One day I will wear a breathtaking gown - until then I will share with you my favorite girls who always rock the red carpet. My style icons are not those I emulate - they are those I admire from afar.
Angelia Jolie - might not be a popular choice, but I don't care. This lady is hot! Image from here
Kate Winslet channeling Elizabeth Taylor. Image from here
Anne Hathaway - total no brainer, right. Image from here
Who is on your list??


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