Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stephanie Bodnar of Honey Cooler Handmade: Fashion February Spotlight on Local Awesomness

When Lisa asked me to write a blog post for Awfully Grand, I was thrilled! A chance to talk everyone's ear off about fashion? I'll take it!

I started sketching cupcake dresses when I was 4 and fell in love with Victorian fashion at 8 after being invited backstage at The Phantom of the Opera. In middle school, I went to various theater rummage sales, hunting for the perfect lacy Edwardian gown. During high school, I spent my free time gawking at the costume-studded ceiling of Love Saves the Day in New Hope, PA where I bought my first vintage dress. Even though I spent college as a writing student, fashion and costume never left my mind. When I landed a writing internship at a famous soap opera in my sophomore year, it took every ounce of strength I had to stay away from the wardrobe department. After graduating and moving out west, I decided to stop dancing around my dreams and jumped right into the Fashion Design program at FIDM.

Trying my hand at a bunch of different stuff has brought me to where I am now: running Honey Cooler Handmade, a lingerie brand that bows its head to antique embellishment, while holding fast to wearable, contemporary cuts. One of the biggest complaints I hear about vintage clothing is that it's fussy and uncomfortable. After all, we live in a yoga-pants-at-the-grocery-store society, so it's no wonder, really. But sometimes all it takes is applying a vintage look to something new - something easy to wear - to make the idea of "old" exciting again.

And that's what Honey Cooler Handmade is all about. It's about not being shy to pair leather pants with a dainty feminine Deco Camisole and a vintage 1950's cardigan.

Or perhaps wearing your favorite worn-to-death tee with a pair of Garconne Tap Shorts for an evening of swanning around your boudoir.

We all know that a totally trendy wardrobe falls out of fashion quickly and has been done to death. I hope this Valentine's Day you'll mix up your date night ensemble a bit and pair your favorite new and old pieces together to make an outfit that's uniquely you and awfully grand!

Thanks so much Stephanie! For more about Honey Cooler Handmade visit the links within this post. You can also find HCH on Facebook & Twitter. And lucky you, Honey Cooler Handmade will be at Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley May 6th 2012.