Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame - March 13th

And now for my most favorite part of the week - the celebratory and yet wonderfully ranty Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame. Ready, set go!

  •  Getting all moved into my new apartment and finishing up painting, kitchen organizing and doing anything/everything that requires a cordless screwdriver. 
  • Booking a record number of shoots in March and getting inquires about my April availability.
  • Another awesome Success Squad meeting last Sunday.
  • Got a new haircut from Cirrus at Salon Alta and damn it is CUTE!
  • My nephew is turning 3 on Sunday and I'm so excited to be part of his party - decorations, cupcake baking and of course photographing the madness!

  • Cabinets that were built in 1970, so nothing remotely tall and or wide fits into them.
  • Another electric stove - really? 
  • The fact that we have to wait many more months before seeing a new episode of Downton Abbey. My wife and I are totally addicted!
What are you thinking is grand or lame this week?



  1. Awfully grand
    * a positive report from the doctor yesterday that all is going well.
    * this little guy is not going anywhere quite yet, hopefully at least another two weeks.
    * using bed rest to catch up on reading and movies.

    Awfully lame
    * not being able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having in NY.
    * being far away from my best girl, Lisa! So thankful for technology though.

    1. Miss you G, like crazy crazy!!!! I think my grands and lames this week are the same things. That should feel more troubling than it actually does!! I guess that's a good sign :)