Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame - March 20th

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

Rant and rave. Here we go:

  • Custom orders. I truly love working with customers to create custom designs for their special day. I'm so excited that wedding season will be in full swing soon. Looking forward to making lots of Zelma Rose Pocket Squares!
  • Being a total GEEK! Between regular season baseball starting any minute now and Game of Thrones returning to HBO April 1, I'm getting my geek on big time.
  • Retail Readiness! So excited for my upcoming class with Rena Tom about getting your business ready for retail!

  • Even thinking about moving. AUGH. So much to do.
  • Thankless people in general. BLAH.
  • Getting a cold in March. Really? March. Can cold season please learn some damn boundaries already?!
What are your rants and raves for this week?



  1. Awfully Grand-
    -The warm weather we are having here in NY (it's wonderful even though I can't do much to enjoy it)
    -A two year old who has possibly coined the term, "absoloopey" as in "are you handsome?"..."absoloopey."
    -36 weeks and counting!
    -Dreaming of a new wardrobe....

    Awfully lame-
    -No matter how positive I try to stay, modified bed rest is still pretty lame.
    -Two year molars! nuff said
    -Figuring out how to get above said new wardrobe!

  2. AG list includes: booking gigs into April, the power of a good recommendation from a mother, sunshine, date nights with my wife.

    AL this week: stress showing up in the body (AKA crick in the neck), not enough thank yous, PMS!