Friday, March 2, 2012

Blogger Crushes

Today I'm going to be posting about my favorite bloggers. I love these bloggers so much that I subscribe to their blogs and every day (or every other day depending on how often they post) get their posts in my inbox and I'm immediately transported into their worlds. Some post photos, advice, DIY tutorials, some do curated posts about interior design, and others share the interesting tidbits about their daily lives. I have a whole routine down too - I wake up, turn on my coffee pot, brush my teeth, feed the cats and I sit down and read my emails on my Ipad. I hope these bloggers are happy that they're a part of my morning routine. I'm a visual person and I love my blogs!
Simone Anne is a photographer that I love who is based out of Berkeley, CA. Her food posts are to die for and I love it when she goes on an adventure to Pier 39 or somewhere in the East Bay and posts what she's seen. Her point of view is perfection!

Honey Kennedy does incredible curated posts with fun new look books, fashion and other great items she finds exciting. Her posts on Friday are like treasure hunts on the interweb.
Ahhh, if you haven't seen a Creature Comforts blog post yet - you are seriously missing out! She does this color inspiration pics and I love the images/paintings/drawings that she selects. Her blog posts are always visual treats.
The Academy by Noisette Marketing is one of the best resources I've ever read for creative professionals. Anyone self-employed or thinking about venturing out on their own will really benefit from reading her posts about increasing sales, managing your time better, setting smart growth goals, etc...
Girl With Curves is my second favorite fashion blogger. Tanesha is Bay Area girl with an awesome sense of style and of course she's got a body type similar to mine. Whenever I'm thinking about changing up my style I check out her blog for inspiration.

Britt and Whit are my girls! Their San Francisco fashion blog is a great resource for young professional women who need a smart outfit at work and then a quick change for an evening event. They recently styled my younger sister for some big events she has coming up and I learned a lot from them. Proportions and layering are two keys to their success!

SF Girl By Bay is hands down one of my favorite all time blogs in the entire planet. Victoria curates beautiful and creative posts featuring fun furniture, food adventures and check her out on Instagram too - her dog has the most beautiful eyes. Whenever I see one of her blog posts in my inbox I smile from ear to ear.

You Are My Fave caters to the girl inside of me who loves loves love to throw a party! Color, texture and fun are three things you'll always find in her blog posts.

Sprinkle Bakes is the latest blog that I subscribed to and you wanna know why? Gorgeous desserts! I found her through a photographer that I adore, Morgan Trinker, she posted about her once on FB and from then on out - I was a fan!
And the last blog I'm going to talk about today is Awfully Grand! Yeah for Awfully Grand. I'm completely biased when it comes to this blog. Lisa and I started it in January 2012 and promised one another that we'd try it for a year and we're doing pretty good. I think we've found a rhythm and it doesn't hurt that some days Lisa and I share the same brain.

Of course there are other blogs that I look at/follow everyday, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with more than 10. I'm a blog lover big time and next year I hope to make it to Alt Summit, so I can meet some of these bloggers in person!

Happy Monday!


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