Thursday, March 1, 2012

East Bay Adventure

Here at Awfully Grand we're always looking for new exciting ways to stimulate our creativity and last Friday when I had the day off from the day job, we went on an adventure to the East Bay. Lisa brought Lila (aka - the bean) and we went to Urban Ore (which smelled so strongly of cat pee we rushed through it) and then we went to Piedmont Cemetery. If you've never been to either place - you really have to go.

Where do you go to stimulate your creativity??

There's not much text in this post - just pics. Sit back, relax and scroll.
Just off the Ashby exit. 
Baby's lunch. 
The Bean. 
Random pics at Urban Ore. 
A similar piece is hanging in Lila's room. 
Um, really? 
The drawers full of people's old photos kinda make me sad. 
Broken slides. 
Yeah, no idea what this is! 
Vintage cleaning products. 
I love chipped paint. 
Vintage toys. 
Lila and Lisa are huge baseball fans. 
At Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland - Piedmont area to be exact. 

This is an unedited photo - it really was that perfect as shot! 
Mommy & daughter.
We went inside a bit. 
Getting lost in here is highly recommended. 
Railing detail. 
Chubby cherub. 
All photos by me - Portraits To The People. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. Such a grand afternoon. Cat pee and all!

  2. Looks like it was so fun! wish I could have tagged along. The pictures are beautiful