Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Suck At Being Patient

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I am the worst person when it comes to being patient. Take for example my photography career - I want to be doing it professionally 100% right now, no, yesterday, I want to be a professional photographer like yesterday, but obviously that's not how things are panning out. I struggle with how frustrated I am with myself and and how long everything takes. So, when I gripe and complain to my friends and family  what's the one word they always say? Patience. Patience. Patience. 

And I look for signs from the universe that I'm on the right track and things are coming together, but not on my timeline. Is it a blessing? Sure. Am I frustrated? Usually, yes. But last night I had a huge 'a-ha' moment went to see Jasmine Star, an Orange County based wedding photographer that I've admired for several years. Jasmine is going across the country presenting 'The Fix' which is all about helping photographers fix their businesses and shift the industry. Check out one of her inspirational videos right here - it is all about being you, which I love!

It was kind of like going to see a doctor for a check up. Jasmine talks a lot about the mistakes she's made, what she's learned along the way and how she built her business. From the looks of things - I am doing everything I can to make sure my business will be successful one day, do I wish that I was shooting enough to support myself 100% right now, hell yes, but that's not in the cards and I have to be ok with that.

So, I guess the point of this post is to ask for help? How do you practice patience? What do you tell yourself when things aren't happening as quickly as you would hope? Any tricks or tips are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Love this post Sarah. Patience is a tough one. I like to think of it as an exercise in psychological maturity. It really comes down to controlling our impulses and being able to sit with discomfort. Much of life comes down to that :) Some call this being stuck. I like to call it stewing. Stuck implies that things are not working, broken and at a complete standstill. This is not true. There is much to learn from stewing and it means that something is on the horizon. These spaces and places can be thought of as times of rest. Sometimes we need to not move forward to rest up for all the movement ahead. It's like surfing. If you caught every single wave, you'd be too exhausted for the exhilaration of the ones that stretch your strength and understanding.