Friday, March 2, 2012

Success Squad Meeting in February

Mission Pie is where we met this month. We had a great big table, but it was super loud! 
Last weekend we had our second meeting of the Success Squad and it was super fantastico! We all accomplished quite a lot since last month and OMG these ladies are kicking creative professional ass. Kassin moved offices and had a retreat for her employees, Sarah photographed a bunch of people for not-so-corporate headshots, Emily is in the final stages of creating her home office, Lisa is in the midst of rebranding her Etsy shop, Karrie has shot a few video cards and Kelly has new ideas for her book. We were full of suggestions for one another and are really committed to seeing one another succeed. Instead of taking photos of the ladies this month we decided to photograph their purses. Can you guess which one belongs to the Success Squad members??

Lisa's outfit was so rocking it had to be documented. 

What did you accomplish since last month? What do you want to be held accountable for? Add it to our comments and we'll check in again about it next month!

Sarah & Lisa 

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  1. Awesome pics Sarah! And the meeting totally rocked too :)