Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who the hell are you?

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Not to piggy back too much on Lisa's kick ass post yesterday, but it got me thinking about the question above and how it relates to our small creative businesses. We read a lot about branding and as someone who has rebranded my photography business a total of 3 times it is really important to ask yourself some deep questions to get to the core of who you are! 

I also have some advice about what to do when you are getting in your own way - read on! 

I found this wonderful blog post on the DIY Business Association website written by Dixie Laite. She asks you do do a great Q&A with yourself:

• What are your values?
• What do you really care about?
• For what do you stand?
• What qualities are important to you in a friend, in a co-worker?
• What virtues do you consistently maintain, and which, in your humble opinion, are totally let slide-able?
• What gets you bent out of shape?
• How do you insist upon dealing with other people, where are you the most helpful, and whom is it you’d most like to serve?
I'm curious to find out what would happen if you answered these questions yourself and then interviewed your mother, partner, best friend to see what they think you'd say. Do the answers vary a lot or are they on point with who you are? Sometimes we have total dysmorphia about how we're seen by the outside world. For example, when I started my rebranding my business I was all about romance and vintage colors and lettering, but my clientele (and me) for that matter are much more modern and design savvy. Maybe it was because I got married last year and was still in the red and blue vintage DIY phase of my life and it leaked into everything else without me knowing! 
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I think that along with asking yourself who the hell you think you are - you should ask others as well. Lisa's incredibly successful rebranding wouldn't have been possible without the help of a few other individuals and we're so excited to see what she's done with our loving suggestions. Sometimes getting out of your own way can be a sure road to success.
Can you think of a time/example when you had to get out of your own way? 


  1. I don't have a business, but none the less it would be interesting to ask myself and others those questions.

  2. I agree, Gina. We should have annual "who the hell are you?" check ins with our friends/family!

  3. Great post Sarah! Gosh I would get so much more done if I could just stay the hell out of my own way. I found a lot of the Lightbox SF exercises around asking our friends and colleagues what they think of us professionally and personally to be really helpful. Still, for me I just needed to give it away and then retrace my steps.