Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

Hey Hey Hey April!

Here's what got our month going thus far...

  • Work! Sarah and I are BUSY! Whether it is with opportunities hopefully leading to work, or actual work, we are busy bees and we love it! Stay tuned for some big announcements coming soon!!
  • Etsy! Oh Etsy, you are awesome! I've been lucky enough, going back to my first few months on Etsy to have the attention of the merchandising desk and curators. My work has been featured a lot lately and it makes me feel so good! Being noticed and promoted by the Etsy team feels like a great big hug!
  • Game of Thrones. I know I have been amping up over this for two weeks now, but this show is out of this world. Sometimes it is so very disturbing, but I just can't look away! I'm obsessed with Lady Stark.
  • Coconut macaroons. That's all I need to say there.

  • Sourcing. I'm thinking about going wholesale. It's one of my goals for the year and I am overwhelmed with finding wholesale sources for my supplies. I'm at a loss. This is going to take some time.
  • Editing. I find that there is always work to be done when you create and maintain your own website. It never ends. I have began to re-work things in stages, otherwise it is like peeling an onion and I would never ever finish a single task.
  • Moving. Still. This is going to have me stressed until we are finally settled in. So many unknowns right now. One month to go.
  • Distance from friends and not having that darn teleportation device!

How has your April been thus far?



  1. Awfully Grand
    -A beautiful baby boy born 3.28, who is perfectly healthy and a squishy little bundle.
    -A super terrific big brother for that beautiful baby boy.
    -Family to help out when we really need it.

    Awfully lame
    -Evening trips to the emergency room for me. I am so done with hospitals for a while.

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