Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awfully Grand & Awfully Lame

You can't have one without the other. I promise, I've tried.

  • Sarah started the week out with this one...50% off Easter candy at Walgreens on Monday. Reese's Peanut Butter eggs anyone?
  • Getting a haircut. I'm seeing my stylist on Wednesday and I can't wait. I finally started paying real attention to my hair again two months ago, and damn it feels good! Cut & color here I come. And by the way, redheads seem to have the most fun.
  • Ruche. After searching high and low for skirts and tops that I can run after a toddler in and still look my fabulous self, Ruche has saved the day. Colorful knee length skirts and tops that steal the show.
  • Style only to be followed by the glaringly practical. I've had a few appointments with shops and galleries in the past week and I've been dressing the part. I love shoes, but since becoming a mom, most of my more amazing shoes have been neglected. These Dansko (which by the way, 2 years ago if you told me I would even be saying Dansko I would have growled at you) heels look nice and I can still manage to run in them.

  • Still with the sourcing. I'm getting closer though. Meeting with a retail specialist next week to help get my butt in gear for wholesale.
  • Rain. I know, I know, we need it, but I prefer the sun.
  • Arguing with myself over hiring an intern. I really need one, so why don't I just do it already. Something is getting in the way. I'm working on it.
  • Sleep. Sometimes I fantasize about all the work I could get done if I just had two days where I didn't need sleep, or have to pay the price for not getting any. I think that means I want to be a robot. That's even more troubling than being stuck about the intern thing. Sheesh!
How is your week going?



  1. I should probably post my lists when I'm not in the middle of PMSing. xo

  2. Awfully Grand-
    Having to delete the "e" that I automatically type every time I write the word Grand!
    Spending the day with my precious little bundle of cute, even if I am exhausted.
    Losing almost 20lbs already....let's keep the weight coming off. (Of course, I don't think the brownies that I baked this morning will help)

    Awfully Lame-
    The blooms on the weeping cherry in our yard just don't last as long as I would like.
    Wishing that some friends and family weren't so far away! (yes Lisa, you are among them)

    1. Grande Grand! Wish I could be there to see the sweet ones! xoxo