Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Investing in Each Other's Success

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

The inspiration for this blog post was originally written on a piece of scrap paper that has been in my wallet for the past few months. I'm pretty sure I wrote it out when I was frustrated with the support that I was getting (and at the time probably giving) other women entrepreneurs. Why? Because I really struggled with jealousy. Yes, that ugly green monster sure loved hanging around with me! I was jealous of other women's success, websites, blogs, ability to take amazing photos, put together cute outfits and post about the day to day activities in their lives. It took a lot for me to snap out of it and honestly, it still bothers me from time to time, but I've learned to switch it into something positive - mainly, cheering for their success not trying to tear them down. And um, yes, when I get jealous I feel like I'm back in middle school again - sucks, but it is true. I think that jealousy takes a ton of unlearning - as a girl it is written into my genetic code.

I've really tried to get at the core of what bothered me and part of it is they were living an authentic life and found their bliss and they weren't afraid to tell the world about it. I will acknowledge that the bloggers who only write about how amazing their lives are do get annoying from time to time. I'm drawn to the women who are open with sharing their struggles, who aren't afraid to post a little rant when they are feeling like crap or something doesn't work out exactly the way they'd hoped it would. That's what I love about Awfully Grand - we are being as real as we can about where we are right now and we hope to get better, make more money, have our art support us 100% and if it doesn't you'll sure be hearing about it. Never before have I felt that my fate is in my hands and that is some powerful shit.

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Ok, so back to this note for the blog that I mentioned earlier. I decided to start up the Success Squad because I wanted to surround myself with women who were not only rooting for my success, but who I could invest in as well. It feels really fabulous to know that there are a group of ladies out there who want to see my make it as an artist! So, I wrote down a list of things that I thought I could do to show others that I was invested in their success. What do you think and if you made a list like this what would it say?

  1. Collaborating on creative projects with other women.
  2. Returning emails within a few hours.
  3. Sending thoughtful responses to emails vs. a simple thank you or yes, I got it.
  4. Being as honest as possible with them when I see something problematic. (this one is so hard!)
  5. Sending inspirational articles, blogs posts, books, magazines to one another.
  6. Once a week send a 'check in' text with lots of fun emoticons.
  7. Coffee dates where we let it all hang out and speak our truths - good & bad!
  8. Retweeting things that we like.
  9. Sharing content on FB to introduce them to our friends/fans.
  10. Leaving thoughtful comments on their blogs.
  11. Buying their stuff on Etsy or paying them for their services.
  12. Reminding them of how far they've come.
  13. Tell them why you admire them.
  14. Be their constant cheerleader!
  15. Comment on what they're doing on various social networks.
Lots of little things can add up to a whole lot to someone who feels like they're pushing, pushing, pushing and getting no results.

Who are your cheerleaders and what do you do to show them that you care?



  1. Great post, Sarah. I think we all can get envious from time to time, comparing ourselves to others and wondering why we aren't doing the same awesome things. I think to a degree it's ok to have some envy, as long as we quickly determine what exactly we are envious of and then figure out a way to either create that magic thing for ourselves, or let it go and realize that, as envious as you are, they aren't doing what you want to do. you can pave your old golden path and it's gonna look a little different...and will be much more rewarding. Personally, I've found that I am a much better cheerleader for others when I follow my own path. When I do things that make ME feel good, as opposed to what I think others think I should be doing. Hope that all makes sense!

    Cool list for supporting, too. It's so important to have people behind you, rooting you on. I'm rooting you on! You're rockin' it!

  2. Loving this post Sarah! You're list is a great reminder of how simple things can mean so much. I forget that often, getting trapped in my own little world, and forget to tell others that I appreciate, support and love what they do.

    More coffee dates for sure and sharing cool things.