Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Big News - Noisette Academy

Her branding is dope! 
One of my all time favorite blogs for creative professionals is Noisette Academy and a last month I saw that Isa, the owner, put a call out looking for people to guest post for her site. She was asking for people from cities all of the world to submit and so I thought - hey, Lisa and I should submit for Awfully Grand and write about San Francisco. I'm pretty sure Lisa read over my email and thought, sure, yeah, go ahead, but then we got it and we were like, um, wow! Isa really responded to this line in my application, I said, "We know super fun spots for creative professionals to unwind, go on creative adventures, grab a drink, eat some delicious food or just awesome places to sit down with your journal and GET inspired."

So, we went on an adventure to the Golden Gate Bridge, which has always been an inspirational spot for Lisa and I. Subscribe to the Noisette Academy blog, so that you can follow our adventures. I think that Isa's idea was super smart and we're so proud to be part of this series. The moral of this blog post is to take a chance when you see a potential opportunity. Next time you see a fun internet contest or if you've been thinking about approaching a blogger about a guest post - don't hesitate - do it! 

Special thanks to Isa for picking us! We get to write about living creative lives in San Francisco - can it get better than that on a Monday, no, it cannot!

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Here is her mission statement, just in case you weren't sure that you loved her already.

The Academy is a resource and learning community for independent business owners in the creative industry. We aim to inspire, educate and support you whilst helping you grow your creative business. Starting a business is challenging, sustaining it and growing it, even more so. The Academy is brought to you by Noisette Marketing and our team of contributors, a group of talented designers and marketers committed to supporting and promoting independent business owners.


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  1. Cool! I have been reading Isa's blog for a while and look forward to your posts!