Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo Friday: The Headdress

Earlier this week I was stopped in my tracks by this window display over at Kate Spade.

The color! Spring is on it's way. What really made me take a closer look were the headdresses. Flowers, greens, and tennis balls!!

Confession time...I used to wear headdresses a lot. I used be a bit of a hippie. Okay, like a lot of a hippie. I followed the band Phish for most of my college years, riding around with boys in beat up cars and eating my weight in veggie burritos. Looking back I'm so glad I had those experiences. We don't get time back and I have such great memories of those days. This window display in it's own way brought me right back and I just had to round up some pics of headdresses for Photo Friday. Enjoy!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Happy Weekend




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