Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teahouse Studio in Berkeley

Jesse with the rest of the students in our class chat.
This weekend I got to head over to Berkeley on one of the hottest days on record for a super fun natural light photography workshop with Jesse Freidin at Teahouse Studio. I'd been dying to go to Teahouse Studio ever since I saw the announcements about it opening and so I jumped at the chance when I saw this class in their newsletter. I'll be blogging about my experience at the workshop on my photography blog - stay tuned.

So, why is Teahouse Studio so freaking awesome? There are a few reasons: the space is gorgeous, there is a ton of beautiful things laying about that are destined to inspire you, it is owned and operated by 3 dynamic women - Tiffany, Mati & Stef. I got to take the class with Stef and talking to her was great. I wanted to let her know that a lot of other women who are creative professionals are pulling for them to be successful. This bit from their website makes my heart happy:

Teahouse is a place where you can take your big dreams and make them a reality.
We believe in community and creating conversation around creativity and joyful living.

Thankfully Stef allowed me to walk around their space and take some photos with my phone. They've all been posted to my Instagram feed, but if you haven't seen them yet or you aren't following me (sarahderagon) here they are.

Great book shelf - obviously, these were my favorites.

This is Jesse. He has rad camera tattoos!

Inspiration board belonging to Stef.

Neat art held up with washi tape. I totally need some of that!

Journey song speaks the truth!

This is what creativity looks like.

Tools of the trade.

See the DIY reflector in the front of the frame?
Make sure that you check out the classes at Teahouse Studio. I'm already plotting out the next one that I will attend. Click here for the class schedule. When Lisa and my schedule gets less nuts I would love to venture over to Berkeley with her and spend some time with the women who make up Teahouse Studios. Hopefully this post will be coming in the fall. If you've attended a class at Teahouse Studio, let us know! Which one did you take and what did you think?


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  1. Isn't that a great place? I took the photography class with Tracey Clark last year - loved it! Would love to have taken this one with Jesse, will be looking forward to your post all about it.

    Sharon :-)