Friday, April 27, 2012

To Have & To Hold

A few weeks ago while checking my email after yet another glamorous breakfast with my 18 month old daughter, yes I ended up wearing ALL the oatmeal, I received some pretty awesome and totally unexpected news. Staring at me from my inbox was an email from Etsy requesting one of my Zelma Rose Pocket Squares for their upcoming wedding event To Have & To Hold. I had to read the email about 4 times because my heart was beating so fast and also my daughter was drawing on the furniture with a red crayon. Essentially it said, as all requests usually do, to send the item quickly, and maybe we will use it maybe we won't. Okay good enough for me. I gathered together my A-Team (you can read about them here) and got to work. Here are some pics of what I sent...

Now I should say that Etsy has been really really good to me. While it has taken time to build a customer base on Etsy, the people who run the show over there have given me props from the get go. My designs are regularly featured in the Etsy Finds emails, and I have even been so lucky to have popped up over on the Merchandising Desk blog posts, but, being included in To Have & To Hold was huge!!!! The event is this Saturday and it is SOLD OUT! But like with all press, there is no telling what the response will be. Yes, it is possible to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens and not see an increase in sales, press is funny like that. So I'm prepping and planning and getting organized, but whatever the response it will be a surprise. Good thing I loooove surprises. I'll keep you all updated, of course.

Happy Friday



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  1. Super exciting and your packaging is simply brilliant.