Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3-D Is Not Just For Movies

As Sarah was saying in yesterday's post, we spent a lovely Friday evening last week over at Teahouse Studio. We met a lot of wonderfully inspiring women and left feeling totally jazzed about our work. Sarah and I are always ready to engage in conversation about the elusive "PITCH" and Friday night was no exception.

Just give us a room full of women business owners and we want to talk about the PITCH! I agree with Sarah's sentiments yesterday in that if we were men and used to thinking that all of our ideas were brilliant and everyone was interested in our expertise the PITCH would not seem so scary. I struggle with it too and I'm nowhere near as close as Sarah is to nailing mine. I even have a hard time answering the question, "So, what do you do?"

While chatting about this Friday night, I was awarded a piece of wisdom.

"Your business needs to be 3-D. You need to be 3-D. Customers want to feel that you have different dimensions and are interested in what makes you a fascinating and 3 dimensional person."

Whoa! This is possibly the single best argument I have ever heard in support of social media! In terms of 3 dimensionality Sarah and I are totally out there. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogging like crazy, all to give our customers a peek at what makes us tick. Maybe the key to a great PITCH is bringing that same 3 dimensionality to the face to face? People not only buy our product, but they buy us, so what are ways to put some personality into our PITCH? How do we take all the little things (here's that phrase again) and boil them down into a few key sentences about what we do? More questions, BLAH!

I'm determined. Let's figure this out together. Get our PITCH perfect, 3 dimensional, and most important rolling right off the tongue.

Here's what I've got so far:
  • I'm a designer of modern heirlooms
  • I design and make romantic and refined classic accessories like lockets, pocket squares and statement necklaces with updated style
  • I'm inspired by my family's long lineage of master craftsmen and storytellers
  • Every Zelma Rose design tells a story
  • I'm ambidextrous

Still needs so much work. Doesn't quite feel right yet.

What do you do to add 3 dimensionality to your business?



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