Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back To The Beat

Yes!  Here I am post meltdown, back in the studio.  I hit the ground running, which is usually what happens post freak out.  I've got some new design ideas in the works and hoping to get a few prototypes made today.  Look forward to more bridal customization, some chalkboard magic and lots of geometrics.  Watch out everybody, I'm getting out the old paintbrush!

In the meantime, I wanted to revisit what Sarah & I were posting about earlier this week.  The little things.  I have been working on my packaging for Zelma Rose for quite sometime now.  There have been many incarnations, color schemes, and styles, but things really started to come together when Molly over at Rabbit Foot Fern created my logo.  I have been sitting with the design for a few months now, playing around with some ideas before Molly and I meet up again to finalize a package design.  I have shared many of the designs with you, so I thought I'd let you see the latest look. I think the color scheme is pretty set.  I like the classic tones of the navy blue, silver and brown, mixed with the white and coral tones of my logo.  Here are some shots of my latest packaging.  I want my customers to feel loved and like they are opening a special heirloom that has been created just for them.  What do you think?

Zelma Rose Jewelry Packaging     

Zelma Rose Pocket Square Packaging

What are you working on today?



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