Friday, May 4, 2012

Exorcise The Shoulds

Ok, maybe exorcise is too strong of a word to use for the title of this blog post, but seriously, this Friday we are focusing on getting rid of the shoulds. I recently sat down for lunch with a member of the Success Squad and we caught up with one another and she was full of the shoulds. I should be posting more on Facebook, I should update my Twitter more often, I should have more time to check my emails, I should change this or that on my website, I should, should, should.....and then all of a sudden it hit me. I stopped her and said, "Yes, you could do all of these things, but what do you LIKE to do?" 

What!? What do I like to do? Hmmmm?? That's a revelation. She likes to be on Facebook, so I suggested that she post something everyday that is a tip to help others who might employ her. Put the personal stuff out there - what are you listening to, what is your favorite type of shoe/facial moisturizer/dog, and/or where are you going on vacation? Our clients want to connect with us on a deeper personal level. She's going to try and I believe her. 

We constantly get caught up in the "I shoulds" instead of the "I really like to do this and will try do it more often". OMG - why are we so hard on ourselves?! 

Still not convinced? Ok, here's my situation - I have a come to the realization that I really don't like and/or get Twitter. Is it essential for me to have a Twitter account for my business, I would say no because it is tedious for me to look at the posts and nothing is visual, so I prefer Facebook. I have also embraced the fact that I like blogging - so much so that I do Awfully Grand with Lisa, I blog M-F on my photography blog and we're doing something with Noisette Marketing. I am tapping into what I LIKE to do to get the word out there about what I like to do and it has made all of the difference. I also employ shortcuts like linking my Facebook Business Page to my Twitter account and I can send my Instagram photos to my Facebook Business Page that then post to my Twitter account! Is that the path of least resistance? Yes, it is! 

So, today I'm asking our readers to think about 3 things that you keep telling yourself you should do and let it go. Write them down on a piece of paper and rip them up, set them on fire, put them through the shredder and just be ok with where you are right now with your business. 

Source: via Catz on Pinterest

On my should list I wrote down these 3 things:

1. Go to a leads group meeting
2. Set up a Facebook page/blog for my new wedding photography business
3. Comment on at least 3 people's blogs

See ya list - you're in the trash. Adios! Good riddance.


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