Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ink Yourself Course - LightboxSF

Last year around this time, Lisa and I both enrolled in an online course that dramatically changed the path of our small businesses. It is called Ink Yourself and registration for this fantastic online course offered by LightboxSF opened up last week. The things I learned from this course were super important when it came to branding myself and thinking about what makes me different/unique/special. Genevieve and Shelly have painstakingly revised the course to make sure that for each person, no matter your area of specialty, there will be some aspect of each lesson that resonates with you. What I loved about the class was participating in the forums. It was a kick to learn about the other participants, what they were getting out of the class, what they were struggling with, what questions they had, etc...

Something they've added this time around is a call in session where you can talk to the other people in the class. Talking on the phone old school is fun and I can't wait to see how this aspect of the class is received. For some creative professionals, we struggle with structure and getting things accomplished on a normal timeline. The way Ink Yourself is structured it allows you to move forward at your own pace, but still holds you accountable to the materials.

Lisa's 2 Cents

Working at my own pace it a prerequisite these days. Life is busy and with the hours I keep I need to be able to get work done at 3 am if necessary, plus you never know when inspiration will strike! What I loved best about the Ink Yourself course was, as Sarah mentioned above, having the structure of weekly assignments, but having the flexibility to revisit, add, change and elaborate on all the exercises. Writing about your business and creating a target market is a kin to taking your first jump off a high dive. So much anxiety and preparation, but once you do it, it gets a lot easier. Approaching the Ink Yourself assignments individually and then being able to discuss them in a forum is fantastic for creating a voice and vision for your business. We don't always see what is right in front of us and some of my best marketing ideas have come from group feedback. The combo of individual work plus being able to interact with others taking the course really helps you create a cohesive vision and message for your business. Like Sarah said, since working with the ladies of Lightbox SF our business have grown by leaps and bounds, and we keep on jumping!!

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