Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Another Micro Monday

Happy Monday! Or Happy Micro Monday, I should say! Sarah & I are still chipping away at all the little things over at Zelma Rose and Portraits To The People. The more attention I pay to the little things, the more I think running a small business is like spinning a spider web.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Sometimes things move very quickly, sometimes slow, there are always intricacies and areas that need more work and a greater focus of attention, but it is the strength of each individual thread that combines to make a beautiful and sound web. And one that catches flies!

I'm still working away on my product descriptions, as I was last week. That part of the web is going to take a lot of spinning on my part! I'm getting there though, and I have found that when looking to make improvements and changes it is essential to get some perspective. I have received great feedback from our Success Squad group regarding my product descriptions.

I am very guilty of getting so caught up in the individual thread, that I can no longer see the entire web. Getting feedback from a fresh set of eyes, always helps to get me back on track and enables me to see both the micro and the macro. Here's to a great week, full of both big and small successes!

What web are you spinning?

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