Monday, May 14, 2012

Micro May: Because in Business it Really is the Little Things

Sarah and I are both overachieving perfectionists. There, I said it. We know you know, and this announcement is not a surprise, but it's always good to acknowledge one's personality traits for better or for worse!

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That being said, we both believe that when it comes to business, the little things matter a whole lot. All the details, the seemingly tiny things we get stuck on, obsess over do really make a difference in the big picture of our brands.
Packaging, product descriptions, stationary, logo, use of language, all help to build a cohesive and memorable brand and customer experience. To honor our insanity and obsessive attention to detail, we thought why not dedicate some time this month the the micro of Zelma Rose & Portraits To The People.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

We will let you in on the process of what goes into our businesses at a micro level, how we make decisions about all these itty bit, teeny tiny, oh so important details. Stay tuned!

What little things make a big difference in your day?

Happy Monday!



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