Thursday, May 10, 2012


Four Generations- Portraits To The People

Being a Mom is, well, totally where it's at for me. I always thought I wanted to be a Mom, but I had no idea just how much I would love being one. Living with a toddler and being a full time stay at home mom to my wonderful, happy, sad, laughing, screaming, creative, angry, enthusiastic, and often bossy daughter has given me an abundance of perspective on many things, but mostly, just how much I appreciate my Mom and all the wonderful women in my life.

It seems that being a Mom is one of the few jobs where taking a stand, laying down the law, running the show and being an expert doesn't coin you as being "opinionated", over-reactive", and "overly dramatic" by the boys club. Three terms that I feel like I am doing something right if I am accused of daily in any capacity.

Mostly I find being a Mom a crazy, creative, and wild adventure. Always full of surprises and always stretching my abilities and pushing me violently out of my comfort zone. This has been fun and totally uncomfortable at times, but also has made me fearless, and being fearless is awesome!

So to you Mom, Grammy & The Bean, I say thank you for the past, present, and all the future brings. Big Big opinionated, dramatic and reactive LOVE.