Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Plus Guest: Why I LOVE Being a Guest Blogger

I love to blog.  While this might not come as a surprise to all of you, I find my love of blogging to have a curious arc.  After spending years working on academic papers, writing of any kind was not something that was on my radar.  I started blogging for Zelma Rose simply because I felt I had too and in the beginning I really struggled with finding things to write about.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

After spending years as a psychotherapist, and presenting myself professionally as a blank slate, it was really challenging for me to have a personality.  I was not used to sharing my personal thoughts, adventures, and struggles outside of my close friends and family.  The process of blogging was completely new to me and I was scared.  Fear for me usually has grand results.  Instead of slowly confronting fear, I run full speed at it and figure out what to do later.  So far this insane method has served me well and after a short struggle I invariably land on my feet.  Blogging has been no exception.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Two years later, not only do I continue to blog about my designs and inspiration at Zelma Rose, but this little gem called Awfully Grand came about, and I also blog for IndieMade and Stitch Labs. While I love writing about my creative life, guest blogging has been a lovely, little, sweet treat.  A cupcake! My most recent blogging project has been for Stitch Labs and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I find that blogging for someone else really expands my knowledge base.  Maybe it brings me back a bit to all that academic writing.  I just love learning new things.  Give me a topic to research and I will research the hell out of it.  Writing for Stitch has been awesome!  It helps that I completely adore them, love their product and am hopelessly devoted to their brilliance.  In short, the team over there is so freaking smart they make me salivate.  And it's nice to salivate!

Part of what I love about blogging for Stitch is feeling like I am a small part of the team.  Owning a small business can be isolating.  Especially when you are the sole owner, designer, and maker.  I spend quite a deal of time alone in my studio with my designs and my mac.  It's nice to feel connected to the living and breathing every once in a while.   The team at Stitch is always up to something and it feels really good to be invested in someone else's dream.  This whole creative wave that we ride is made more exhilarating and inspiring by catching it alongside some friends.

If you haven't already, go over to Stitch Labs and see what they are all about.  The "Our Team" page is one of the most genuine you will ever read.  My posts over on the Stitch Labs Blog can be found here and here.

Sarah and I will be heading over to the Stitch Labs party tonight.  Pictures and a full report to follow tomorrow :) We hope to see your Awfully Grand butts there!




  1. I love reading your blogs, Lisa! You were born to do this. xo