Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Overachieving Perfectionist Makes An Intake Form

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Overachieving perfectionist #2 here to talk about making an intake form for my photography business. This task has been on my to do list for months and after talking to Lisa this weekend I realized my blockage - I'm afraid to tell people what I need from them. Sound silly? Sure, but it is true. With this intake form my goal is to get to know as much about my clients as I can before we start shooting together. The information that they would provide me with would inevitably make me a more successful photographer, so why haven't I done it yet?

I am hung up on the details. The micro of the process where I am obsessing about the questions, the order of the questions, too many, too few, not in depth enough and at one point I even worried about my clients not wanting to answer them! Think about all of the places that you fill out an intake form - the doctor, for example. You fill out this form, so that when the doctor meets you she already has a lot of the information that she needs in order to diagnose you. By filling out this form you are helping her succeed at her job and so I guess that I need to get over myself and let the micro details go of the intake form and send it to the next client who sends me an inquiry, right!?

Am I saving lives like a doctor does, no, but I am offering a very personal service and there is the potential for emotions and expectations to muddle up our exchange. If I am clear about what I need and what I want my clients to do when we are together, then the miscommunications and expectations not being met will be minimized. Lisa and I joked that getting tied up on something so small is a very gendered thing and I would have to agree. Sometimes the things that I struggle with because I am a female business owner suck!

Wish me luck writing my intake form!


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