Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Boards - Curating With Your Friends

Ok, not sure if you've noticed or not, but Lisa and I are back on the Pinterest boards big time! We decided that we're going to do something kinda big with San Francisco Indie weddings and started curating some boards together. With her incredibly exciting news of her pocket squares being included in the NYC Etsy Wedding To Have And To Hold event, because I started up a wedding/engagement photography business called, Knot Shots, and we know tons of other incredible wedding vendors like, Molly of Rabbit Foot Fern, who can design you some ridiculously cool wedding invitations and of course you need to book Lou to do your make up, so here we are. We pin to these boards every day or so and I love checking my email to see that Lisa has been a pinning fool! We've curated these boards by color/theme. So, if there's a wedding board you've been dying to see, send us a note and we'll try to create it for you. I'm thinking the next one we will do is all about glitter or maybe just black and white?! Took these screen shots from Pinterest to show you the full awesomeness of our pinning skills.

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Happy Tuesday!


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