Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Process

I've been thinking a lot lately about process. In life and in work. For many it seems to be a mystery we try to solve or corral in some way to create an orderly and predictable way of moving through change.

When I think of process as it pertains to my work, I love the mystery part and I allow for this mystery, protect it and guard it against a formula or predictable way of being. That's not to say that all the parts of my creative process happen by chance, but I do like to allow for change to occur midstream, be able to listen and have a conversation with my deigns and let some of the creative process be led by what is happening in front of me instead of a well mapped out plan on a piece of paper.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

These thoughts are all I really have thus far. Thinking about process and my creative process specifically will be, well, a process! It's one that I want to share with you all an I hope we can all begin a conversation with each other about how we engage with process and change in work and life.

Happy Wednesday!!



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