Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking The Leap

Today I'm so happy to announce that I have decided to move on from my day job and do photography full time mid-summer. It was a very hard decision for my partner and I to make, but in my heart, I know that it is the right one. I owe a huge thank you to my partner for supporting me in this and she's the best financial planner ever, so even in the lean times I know that we will be ok.

For the past few months I have been working 80 hours a week and this resulted in a very bad case of vertigo where I was laid up on my couch for a few days. Not being able to do anything except sit there on the couch propped up, so I wasn't spinning, I had a lot of time to think. I was terrified to say the words, "I want to follow my dream" because it sounds ridiculous. Whenever I thought about quitting I would hear my grandfather's voice in my head telling me not to take a risk and to stay at that day job with the 401k and stability is everything and, and, and. Well, that's not the life I've chosen - I have worked for an incredible arts organization for the past 5 years and made it all the way to a 'director' status, so walking away now is kind of crazy, right? YES! But it is time - I have to do this now or I could regret it for the rest of my life. 

I would like to thank the ladies in the Success Squad because they have been a stellar example of what it can look like to dare to dream and work for yourself. You too, Lisa, if I didn't have you to send ranty and panicked emails to in the early morning hours I don't know what I'd do.

So, here's to following your dream. I'll be posting more about the highs and lows now that I can actually say it out loud - I am leaving my full time day job to become a professional photographer. Whoa!



  1. This is the moment Sarah. It's happening for real. Remember this and I will too to remind you of how far you have come. xo

  2. Good for you! Wishing you all the best!