Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zelma Rose Product Description

Sarah got me going yesterday with working on her intake form. Something I have needed to tackle for some time now are my product descriptions. Product descriptions are what potential buyers read when they are wanting to know more about a listed product in an online store.

There are a lot of theories about product descriptions. Etsy really encourages sellers to use the space to tell their story and describe why the item is unique. Businesses that excel at online sales will tell you while sharing your story is important, the average online shopper doesn't read and wants to know the basics first. Any long or overly lengthy product description will lose a sale and ultimately hurt your overall conversion rate. Sigh. Two opposing theories.

I feel like product descriptions are a really important part of online shopping and selling. It is where the customer makes the final decision to buy or keep shopping. It is essential to use language and style that are cohesive with your overall brand and target market when writing great product descriptions. I like to think that product descriptions are a creative space to give potential customers a feel of what Zelma Rose is all about. That being said, my product descriptions need serious work! They are too long, too flowery, and not nearly concise enough in getting to the meat of what I want to say to customers, which is, "Zelma Rose Handmade goods are exceptionally well made, fun, romantic and refined." They are modern heirlooms.

Sounds easy enough, but it is so hard! I have been looking at the text for far too long and I can't really see what a shopper sees anymore. To help, I have asked my fellow Success Squad members to take a look at my shop and lay it on the line for me. I'm usually really good at non-emotional editing. Yeah art school is great for stepping back and seeing that what you have created simply sucks! But I'm just too connected with this aspect. It's like I really want every customer to know every single little thing about Zelma Rose. I have forgotten that my photos, packaging, branding, web design and just about every other little thing is also communicating all of this. I'm thinking less is more here. Or as my Dad always says, "Keep it simple, stupid."

So let the simplification begin!! I'll be editing, re-writing, deleting, and most importantly refining my product descriptions this month. Go on over to and take a look. Let me know what you think. What stays, what goes? Where did I lose you.

What are you working on today?

Happy Wednesday



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