Friday, June 8, 2012

A Hideous Beast Walks into a Bar

I'm a psych geek.  Completely.  I love it.  I salivate when I read a really intense research study and I still love to going to conferences and case presentations.  I am fascinated by the mind.  One of the many things I have always found curious about psychology is that when it  comes to defining ourselves, we never seem to want to except what I like to call the hideous beast.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

This problem stems from many things.  Some pertaining to the individual and some to society as a whole.  I have found in my practice and out there in the real world, that people generally do not want to see and accept all sides of themselves.  We stick with what we deem good and complimenting and leave the bad out in the yard.  Especially women.  We tend to push these feelings so far, deep down within, until they explode internally.  We do not want to be too angry, too nervous, too jealous, too etc.  The list goes on and on.  There is a part of us that always wants to be perfect.

Well, what the fuck is perfect?

Never having an emotion?  NO thanks.  I for one really like being angry.  I sometimes enjoy being sad, and nervous, and some things should make us sad and nervous.  I survive jealousy and if I'm anxious, depressed or angry, so what? The moment does not define the entire being.  Be and embody the moment.  It will likely pass.

I say this because, there are people out there who do not experience a full range of emotion.  They require taking on extremely dangerous feats, even crimes sometimes, in order to feel emotional ups and downs.  They are called sociopaths.  Trust me you do not want to be one.  It is a tortured existence and one that is not easily made better. Now I'm not supporting women everywhere having a full on tantrum and running down the aisles of the office throwing books from the shelves, although I admit I have considered this, and imagine it would feel fabulous.  What I am saying is let's give ourselves and each other a break.  Be angry, jealous, nervous, sad.  Don't bury it deep down.  We are more powerful when we are honest, together.  Honest.  Sarah wrote a great post about jealousy a few months back.  Re-visit it.  I encourage you to shake hands with your own hideous beast and let others know she/he is there.

The beast is good.

The beast provides contrast.

The beast reminds us we are human.

The beast makes growth possible.

I heart my hideous beast.

Say it loud and proud.  If you are with me, post this as your status.  Tweet #iheartmyhideousbeast

Happy Friday to my Beast and all of you :)




  1. This has been something I have exploring recently. I often feel as though I'm expected not to share my feelings at all! Whether it's a positive feeling or a negative.
    And in the past, I have surrendered to this expectation because in a lot of ways, it's actually easier! You don't have to confront them personally, and people don't confront you either!
    BUT it makes for a messy brain. So I am slowly, but surely allowing myself to 'release the beast', ha! It sure is a relief! Why ignore what makes us so very human?

    1. Agreed! There is an absence of confrontation both within ourselves and with the outside world when we bottle up our feelings. We don't have to think about them. Freud said, "repetition is the absence of thought." I think of this often. If we are able to sit with ourselves, our true selves and have the capacity to think about our behavior and actions then we are less likely to repeat dangerous history.

      Thanks for sharing!