Thursday, June 21, 2012

Makeshift Society Meeting at Rare Device

Yesterday Lisa and I attended the informational meeting at Rare Device about the Makeshift Society. Rena Tom stood on a step stool and lead us all through this slideshow detailing all aspects of the space. In case you missed it, click here, to see the entire thing. It was very inspiring to hear how much time and thought has gone into the space and how open the team behind the Makeshift Society is open to suggestions about how to use the space. I'm hoping to host Success Squad meetings there and maybe Lisa and I will teach a class or two. I'd be willing to volunteer in order to earn membership credits as well, since money will be a bit tight once I start shooting photography full time. We both became members last night (click here to find out more about the various membership levels) and it felt damn good to swipe that credit card because we know that the money is going to a wonderful space that we'll be using a lot. 
Even though my heart was beating a mile a minute, I raised my hand to ask a question about rental rates and talked for a second about the Success Squad and I had a handful of women come up to me afterwards and they wanted to join up. I'm probably going to start a second Success Squad with this new group of ladies and I'm so excited. These girls were unafraid to put their business cards in my hand and I love that - I totally need more practice! Lisa and I got to talk to Victoria, of SF Girl By Bay, and that was super fun. She's someone I look up to in terms of her online presence and her curatorial skills are ridic! I got one of her famous tattoos and I just love it.

Let us know if you're joining the Makeshift Society and/or if you want to join the new Success Squad I'll be putting together in July!



  1. Sarah, so glad you and Lisa are joining us! Email me with more of your ideas, I want to hear them.

  2. hi! i was interested in attending the meeting but couldn't, so thanks for reviewing it! BTW, what is your Success Squad all about ? :)

    1. Hi There! Thanks so much for your interest in Success Squad! For more info you can check out the following post:

      Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. We are full right now, but will be hosting monthly drop-in Success Squad Meetings for Makeshift Society Members beginning in October. Here's the link for the MSS SS :)