Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meeting In Real Time

Source: bakerella.com via Lee Ann & Sara on Pinterest

This weekend I got to meet a few of my Instagram friends in real time, whoa. We actually had a conversation face to face instead of "mention user" style. I almost introduced one of my Instagram friends to my wife as his Instagram name, daydayhurls. That would've been awkward, huh! Then yesterday, I realized that this guy standing next to me was someone I started following a day or so earlier. So weird the ways in which we're connected online and not in real life. I'm going to make an effort to make more of those connections in real time. And BTW - this is David (daydayhurls on Instagram) totally getting busted Instagramming while we talked. 
Have you met any of your Instagram friends in real time yet? If so, which ones and how was it?


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