Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sexist Ads and Email Forwards

Last week my Mom sent me an email full of old advertisements that we'd "never see again" - bah! Since we're on the sexist soap box this week I thought I'd post a few of them to get your blood boiling. When I scrolled through them I thought, wow, we've come so far, but honestly, have we? Ugh, advertising can be infuriating. People write entire dissertations on the subject and I'm so not getting into it that deep. I am posting these to start a conversation. And before you even go there - yes, I consider myself a feminist and yes, I'm a lesbian and no, I don't hate men.

Lisa and I talk a lot (and vent on this blog which feels amazing btw) about owning a small business and the socialized gender crap that we constantly deal with. To mention a few - earning less money than men, the BS we deal with with promotions, harassment on the street, blah, blah, blah.

We also know the power of advertising and so when we're asserting ourselves out into the world as business owners we really struggle with messaging, branding, frequency, pricing, etc.... So, what do I think about this? I'd like to pose a series of questions to you that I've obviously already answered. They inform my business decisions sometimes. When I'm doubting myself or have to make an important business decision - I put on my imaginary man hat (or would it be a pair of pants) and make up my fucking mind. Bam, done, decision made, take that.

Would we be more decisive if we were men? Probably. Would we doubt ourselves less about pricing our wares or our professional services? Duh. Would we be more likely to say fuck off to those who ask us for discounts? Yes.

So, in frustration I show you these other ads to get you riled up. How do you deal with sexist bullshit especially when those voices are in your own head?

PS. I had no intention of doing anything other than pissing you off with this blog post, so what are you going to do about it?

PPS. I hate email forwards unless they're from my mom.


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